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Corriente Veterinary Service is no longer in business. To receive copies of your records, please contact the Equine Division of Lodi Veterinary Care at [email protected] including your name, horse’s name/s and they were seen by Corriente. The records will be sent to the email that the request came from unless another email address is provided. Please allow 4-7 days to process your request.

If Corriente Veterinary Service has not seen you or your animal/s within the last 3 years, your records might no longer be available as that is the time period which the Wisconsin Veterinary Examining Board time requires. Several records older than that time are still available but cannot be guaranteed (some inactive clients/patients have been lost during software conversions)

Dear Clients and Friends of Corriente Veterinary Service,

It is with sincere sadness that Corriente Veterinary Service has closed after over 30 years of providing quality veterinary care for clients and their animals. 

Many of our clients and patients have become like family and it is difficult for us to say goodbye. We are extremely grateful to have had the privilege of working with you and your horses over the years. Thank you. 

We recommend you establish a relationship with another veterinarian or clinic as soon as possible to ensure continuity of your horse’s care and prior to an emergency situation. 

Athens Veterinary Service, Athens (north of hwy 153 & haul in), WI: 715-257-7003 

Cornerstone Equine Services (Dr. Michael Graper), Rhinelander, WI: 715-362-6333 

Country Vet (Dr. Barb Kasprowicz), Almond, WI: 715-630-5663 

Dells Equine (Dr. Suzanne McKichan), Wisconsin Dells, WI: 608-844-9833 

Great Lakes Equine, Hortonville, WI: 920-779-4444 

Hoof and Paw Veterinary Care (Dr. Sabine Hartmann), Loyal, WI: 715-267-7443 

Lodi Veterinary Care, Lodi, WI: 608-592-3232 

New Horizons Veterinary House Calls, Wisconsin Dells, WI: 608-586-6002 

The Veterinary Clinic - Berlin, Berlin, WI: 920-361-2101 

Tomorrow Valley Veterinary Service (Dr. Alyse Henderson), Amherst, WI: 715-630-6393 

We Care Animal Hospital, Clintonville, WI: 715-823-8387 

Wisconsin Valley Vet, Wausau (Marathon, Lincoln, Langlade Cty & haul-in), WI: 715-675-9402 

Dr. Richard Miller, Stratford, WI: 715-687-2338 

* this list is intended as a convenience and is not a guarantee of veterinary care by these providers and may not be all provider options in the area


Plover, WI

Permanently Closed















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  • "Awesome service and willing to diagnose and treat according to your expectation and budget."
    Patricia A.
  • "We brought my daughter's arabian Saud to be gelded at age 24 and his life spent as a stud and in the show ring. Doctor Johnson examined Saud and found be has a heart disease and explained every step of the way and his chances with a bad heart. We thought it over for awhile with tears and decided to go ahead with gelding. He stayed over night and the cost was very reasonable he pulled through with flying colors eith some swelling but it healed up nicely and we couldn't be happier. Thanks for the good care he is an amazing kids horse now and my granddaughter loves him so!!"
    Marjorie P.
  • "Thank you Doctor Johnson! Once again, you were there when the boys needed you!"
    Christine P.
  • "This past year has been a nightmare with all four horses having multiple injuries or health issues. Both vets and all the staff have been so accommodating and kind. So glad we have this clinic in our area."
    Sallie S.
  • "The staff has been so accommodating and helpful for many years. The vets are always willing to come out on a farm call or do whatever is needed for the horses. We're so lucky to have such a great equine clinic in the area!"
    Brynna J.
  • "Love the beautiful card I got in the mail from Dr. Gary Johnson and all the staff that have been so amazing and their love and care for Rosie. She definitely touched more then just my heart. Its nice to see vets care so much about our horses. Thanks for the love and care Rosie and I received from you and your staff! I wouldnt have been able to get through saying goodbye to my bestfriend without you and your staff at my side helping me. From day one Dr. Johnson cared so much about the health of my mare and never once gave up. I would definitely recommend anyone to come to them for anything. Very caring staff!!! Thanks for everything!!!!"
    Kaitlin N.
  • "I've never met kinder people who want to do the best they can for your horses."
    Jodi W.

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